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This table is designed for surgery, urology, gynaecology, proctology, laryngology, plastic treatments as well as other treatments, which do not require a function of table top lateral tilts. The table can be made of stainless steel. Table top is translucent for X-rays. Movable base, wheel with a central blockade. Height adjustment of the table top is carried out by a hydraulic foot pump. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions as well as back rest, leg plates and head rest inclination are assisted by gas springs with interlocking. Mattresses are removable, antistatic and seamless. The table is easy for cleaning and resistant to disinfection agents. 


  • Table top length x width: 2020 x 550 mm
  • Mattress width: 500 mm
  • Height adjustment: 810 to 1050 mm
  • Trendelenburg position: 25°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg position: 12°
  • Back rest inclination: -40 ° to +80°
  • Head rest inclination: -40 ° to +50° 


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Equipment Type
Basic Equipment
1. Abdominal strap WS-23-0
2. Abdominal strap WS-41-0
3. Anaesthetic frame WS-01-5
4. Angle support WS-07-5
5. Attachment for side rail WS-53-0
6. Chest support WS-52-5
7. Drip bottle holder WK-01-5
8. Hand holder WS-43-0
9. Hand support PR-01-5
10. Hanger for equipment WS-13.5
11. Holder for anaesthetic tubes WS-14-5
12. Holder of thigh WS-44-0
13. Holder of x-ray tray WS-12-0
14. Large side support WS-08-5
15. Patient leg strap WS-42-0
16. Pubic support WS-49-5
17. Right and left shoulder support WS-06-5
18. Side holder for x-ray tray WS-33-0
19. Side rails WS-32-5
20. Side shoulder support WS-59-5
21. Side support WS-50-5
22. Tray for accesories WS-15-5
23. Wristlet WS-34-5
24. X-ray tray WS-11-5
25. X-ray tray WS-19-6
Gynaecology, urology, proctology
26. Gynaecological attachment Ws-28-0
27. Knee rests WS-05-5
28. Lithotomy stirrups WS-64-5
29. Proctological attachment WS-30-5
30. Urological attachment WS-29-0
31. Clamp mechanism WS-16-5
32. Filling mattress WS-67-0
33. Head rest WS-69-0
34. Spinal mattress WS-65-0
35. Under neck roll WS-68-0
Neurosurgery, laryngology, opthalmology
36. Hand support for a doctor WS-22-5
37. Laryngologic-ophthalmic head rest WS-21-5
Orthopaedy, traumatology
38. Attachment for arthroscopic treatment WS-39-5
39. Attachment for meniscus treatment WS-40-5
40. Half-roll WS-66-0
41. Hand operating table WS-48-5
42. Hand traction device WS-47-5
43. Support for shoulder surgery WS-87-5
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