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Nexo / Horus

Key features:
• durable steel covered with polyester-epoxy powder varnish,
• bed frame segments filled with x-ray translucent HPL,
• central locking system for your comfort and safety,
• back section and thigh section electrically adjustable,
• height adjustment with electrical motor,
• easy to access CPR lever
• four bumpers,
• hooks for physiological fuild bags,
• mounting points for drip bottle holders
• backup battery,
• ability to lock footboard and headboard in place (option).
The medium distance of the lying surface from the floor is 41 cm. It prevents the patient from falling out off the bed and secures him while getting out.
Internal control panel
The location of the control panels also on the internal sides of the side rails allows the patient to easily, effortlessly and safely alter the bed position and adjust its height.

Fast and easy disinfection
Bed frame segments are easy to take off and clean. They are mounted using pins and velcro tapes which are simple to operate and firmly hold the segments in place. With the segments removed, you have an easy access to all the moving parts to speed up the disinfection process.
The central brake system
HORUS can be entirely immobilised within a second. Stepping on one pedal simultaneously locks all the bed casters, thus guaranteeing the position stability.
Electric position control
  • Control panel PL-63.43 (standard HORUS). All electric functions can be operated by the hand controller. Central control panel with possibility of steering and locking of electric functions, additional emergency buttons: cardiological chair, Fowler’s position, electric CPR, examination position, anti-shock position are be pre-stored.
  • Wired remote control PL-63.41 (optionally)
  • Side rails with control panel PB-26.01 (optionally)

Additional equipment:

  • Additional mattress (MC-45.0)
  • Urine bag holders (8 pcs.)
  • Supplied with high density foam mattress with anti-microbial agent MC-28.32
  • Drip bottle holder WK-17.0
  • Drip bottle holder WK-12.0
  • Hand holder UR-07.0

Non-conductive side rails option:

  • PB-26.0 - version without controls (standard)
  • PB-26.01 - divided side rails made of plastic with controls (option)
  • Side rails on full length of the bed (option)



  • Bed’s length 2280 ± 20 mm
  • Bed’s width (with side rails) 965 mm ± 10 mm
  • Height adjustment 410 – 840 mm
  • Back rest segment inclination 70 ± 3°
  • Thigh rest segment inclination 40° ± 3°
  • Trendelenburg position 15° ± 3°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg position 15° ± 3°
  • Castors diameter 150 mm
  • Dynamic load 250 kg
  • Power supply 230 V~, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 350 VA/230 V
  • Class of protection II
  • Type part of the application B
  • Degree of protection IP-54 (optional : IP-66)
  • Period of use 10 years
  • Mattress size 2060 x 840 x 12/15 mm
  • Under bad clearance 140 mm



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The company reserves the right to introduce some modifications resulting from technical improvements without prior notice

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