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Environmental responsibility

The Board of FAMED Żywiec Sp. z o.o. – the successor firm to Żywiec Hospital Equipment Factory FAMED SA – is committed to environmental principles based on the strategy of Cleaner Production and the requirements of PN-EN ISO 14001.

Famed Żywiec products are manufactured in Cleaner Production facilities which meet the requirements of national environmental regulations and have all permits required by law. All equipment used for the production of our medical equipment meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 21530 for resistance to chemical disinfectants. The supervision of the production process and products is performed by trained employees and Cleaner Production experts, which guarantees environmentally safe operation of the products and minimizes their environmental impact after completion of the product life-cycle.

Environmental Policy includes Commitments by Management Polityka Środowiskowa.

On May 27th, 2013, at the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw during the annual meeting of the Winners of the Polish Register of Cleaner Production and Responsible Enterprises, FAMED Żywiec Sp. z o. o. signed:

The Board of Famed Żywiec Sp. z o. o. is a supporting member of Polish Cleaner Production Association. Podziękowanie Stowarzyszenia „POLSKI RUCH CZYSTSZEJ PRODUKCJI".

In the course of the conference "Implementing principles of the clean manufacturing and 10 principles of the Initiative of the Secretary-general of the UN compact Globar which was held in a Ministry of Economy 8 October 2015 FAMED Żywiec Sp. z o.o. received the Decision of the Chapter to keep the entry in the Polish Register Of The Clean Manufacturing And The Responsible entrepreneurship for the following year.

The Company shares its environmental management experience with:

  • neighbors and partners through organized training on Cleaner Production
  • pupils, trainers, and students via ongoing educational and professional practices as well as internships.


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